This eBook is your ultimate guide to the world of colocation in the UK. From choosing the right location, to communications partners, to operating costs. The eBook features the following articles:

  • Following the herd? Twenty years ago, colocating as close as possible to communications hubs made sense. But today you can get much more for less by moving to somewhere like Cardiff
  • Two into one Ogi Wales isn't just one of a number of communications service providers for Vantage's Cardiff data center, it also hosts clients' IT there, too
  • A private cloud for the public sector CWL1 data center campus offers Shared Resource Services affordable and future-proofed private cloud hosting for delivering shared digital services to the South Wales public sector
  • How to set up your own HPC (and why colo means you absolutely shouldn't)
  • Why colocation beats owning your own data center Operating a data center is an expense that enterprises can minimise by outsourcing to a specialist provider
  • Direct line Selecting a colocation data center is one thing, but will it accommodate your communications partner of choice?