Our critical infrastructure is in a state of rapid evolution. Data centers, those pillars of the digital age, are pushed to their limits by the unyielding demands of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Machine Learning. Legacy cooling solutions gasp to keep up with escalating power densities and thermal bottlenecks. Constraints on power, heat dissipation, and adaptability threaten the very foundations of cloud computing and big data. The imperative for efficiency is clear - the time for radical innovation is now.

In this crucible of necessity, immersion cooling shines as a beacon of transformative potential. Recent studies expose the stark reality: servers and cooling systems devour the majority of data center energy. A single large-scale data center, housing tens of thousands of IT devices, can consume the equivalent power of 80,000 U.S. households (U.S. DOE 2020). This glaring fact mandates a rapid evolution in data center cooling, maintenance, and optimization.

Read this whitepaper which analyzes the transformative benefits of immersion cooling as well as:

  • The key forces driving the immersion cooling transformation
  • The top 5 design and deployment considerations
  • The top 5 immersion cooling myths
  • An immersion cooling readiness checklist
  • The immersion cooling journey innovation in infrastructure