There was a time when data center operators, engineers, and consultants could safely focus on their core areas of data storage and data processing, safe in the knowledge that their power socket would deliver a sufficient and stable supply of energy to maintain and expand the data center business. Now, ensuring sufficient power, it's reliable supply and steady quality from the grid have become strategic concerns.

Not only is the constant growth of data center infrastructure with its increasing demand for power outstripping grid capacity in some areas of the world; due to the increasing share of stochastic renewable in-feed, creating volatility and fluctuation, the availability and quality of power supply have dropped and might pose a threat to reliable data center operation.

One solution to this challenge facing the data center industry is on-site generation of electricity and cooling. Diesel generators have long been the go-to option for rapid backup power, which resulted in increased emissions of hazardous exhaust gases and pollutant particles. However, with the latest technological advances in highly efficient gas turbine technology, generating power on-site for the main supply of data centers has become far more attractive, solving grid challenges today and also in the long-term. In the future, these stable, low-emission on-site power generation solutions will be able to run exclusively on carbon free fuels such as e-hydrogen.