VeraLinn 'Dash' Jamieson

Lieutenant General (R), U.S. Air Force

Lieutenant General (R) Dash Jamieson has 37 years of distinguished military service, having commanded units from squadron level to a career culminating as the Director of the United States Air Force’s Intelligence Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Cyber Effects enterprise. A $72B entity with 73,000 personnel globally positioned, conducting global operations across the Department of Defense. Dash is a recognized expert on data management, cyber security, cloud technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the role of these disciplines in both the government and private sector. Dash’s extensive knowledge of disruptive technologies and international security expertise has enabled her to mentor, coach and inspire the next generation to embrace innovative solutions. She currently is on Board of Directors at Digital Realty Trust, ArQit Quantum Inc, and on the Board of Advisor’s for Beacon Global Strategies, LLC., DATAMINR, and Primer Technologies Inc. Additionally, she is a Senior Fellow for the National Defense University.