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Tea Žižak

Product Engineering Supervisor, Vertiv

In the beginning of Tea's work career, she worked as technology/R&D engineer where she learned about product development from the beginning to the end of the process: concept creation, design phase, computer analyses, manufacturing technology, testing, and commissioning. That experience is very valuable as she applies it here in Vertiv.

First, she started working as an Algorithm Developer Engineer where she was creating algorithms and parametric models which supported overall engineering processes, from planning and pricing to production of modular data centers. With time, she stepped in a role as a project lead for creation of engineering support tools, like configurators, selectors and optimizers, for standardized Vertiv’s products, such as Vertiv SmartModTM. Later on, she was offered, a current, supervising role where she, with her team, works on improving existing tools and creating new ones, focusing on having optimal product and production. She was also offered to be a technology/innovation scout to research new innovations in the industry. That led her to be a technical support on capstone project at Ohio State University that set her in the sustainability world where she now participates in multiple projects to lower the carbon footprint of our products.