Robert Linsdell

Managing Director - Australia & New Zealand, Vertiv

Robert brings a global perspective to the Australian technology market. His fascination for all things digital enables him to translate technical complexity into relevant analogies using simple story telling techniques. He is frequently sought after for his perspectives on how to leverage emerging technologies for increased consumer engagement and retention, productivity and profit. He brings his knowledge of growth and speed to connect users with applications and how the demand from things like big data, IoT, mobile, social & AI is driving data centre requirements from an organisation's core data centre right out to the edge of network.

Based out of Sydney, Robert leads Vertiv (formerly Emerson Network Power). He has over two decades of experience across technology-driven industries, including telecoms, electronic materials and powder coating. In addition, Robert has previously held board positions with CEPE, Intellect UK and EIPC. More recently Robert is leading Vertiv business transformation into energy efficiency in the data center space.  Robert and his team are focused on aligning customers' ICT and business strategies to reduce energy costs in sustainable and innovative ways.  

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