Robert Dugdale

Sr Director Business Development, IPsoft & Vice Chair, NYC Chapter, Infrastructure Masons

If someone told Robert 25 years ago when he started his career in technology that he would be part of a team that is helping to lead the Artificial Intelligence market he would not have believed them. But here he is doing just that while standing alongside some of the most intelligent and passionate team members that he has ever known or worked with.

At the start of his tenure with Hyperion, he was awarded a junior sales position. He was given a cube, a Compaq laptop, and a Lotus Notes database of their clients. He doesn't think the management team understood the extent of his work ethic and he called almost every customer they had!

25 years later, he is standing in his office that faces the Statue of Liberty at AMELIA an IPsoft Company and he has the same energy and passion for his colleagues, his team, his clients, and his partners as he did on the day he started.

When he joined IPsoft in the fall of 2014 it was a few months before they launched their AI platform Amelia. He could not have predicted the incredible and fast-moving pace at which their clients would embrace "her". It has been amazing to be a part of helping his clients and their companies in pushing technological boundaries and to have a positive impact on their businesses.

AMELIA is known to continually innovate and they are leading the industry with Conversational AI, Intelligent Process Automation, & Orchestration Services. The Amelia Integrated Platform is Purpose-built to help companies transform into friction-less digital enterprises utilizing Amelia’s Conversational AI and Intelligent Process Automation, ALL enabled by foundational Orchestration Services. Customers leverage the Amelia competencies best suited for their specific use cases. The Amelia Integrated Platform is the culmination of 23 years of non-stop innovation and is the industries premiere next-generation End to End Automation platform that monitors, diagnoses, and re-mediates issues with strictly limited human oversight across all lines of business.

When he wrote his previous LinkedIn profile in September of 2014 Robert stated; “I am most passionate about: building new relationships, fostering the many long standing trusted partnerships I have built, assisting with advancing the needs of my clients and finding new and innovative ways that solve my clients' issues.” He feels the exact same way at this very moment!

Work hard, help those around you, strive to provide a positive impact across the board and give back as often as you can.

He is also helping to build the iMason's Local NYC Chapter -