Philippe Vogeleer

Global Head of Corporate Business Development, Vodafone

Philippe Vogeleer is based in London. He works closely with the Vodafone Group ExCo to build alliances and partnerships to deliver strategic projects for; manages existing partnerships between the company and like-minded organisations; and acts upon request as special envoy of the company in the 125+ countries where it delivers services. Prior to joining Vodafone, Philippe held senior legal, regulatory and strategy positions for Ooredoo, Orange, and Deloitte. He holds a Master's degree in Law; a Master's degree in Media & Comms; and an (Executive) MBA. He has lived in 10 countries and worked in 74. Separately from his executive duties, Philippe sits on the Board of four companies and one Not-For-Profit organisation, Global Citizen (USA). He is also a Visiting Lecturer at INSEAD.

In 2019 Philippe and his team created a strategic alliance between Vodafone and Sumitomo Corporation. In 2020 Philippe and his team won the bid which allowed the creation of Vodafone Oman. In 2021 Philippe and his team won a license to start operating telecom services in Ethiopia. This win put an end to a 126-year monopoly. It is the biggest win of Vodafone in emerging markets in the last 23 years. It has since allowed Vodafone, Vodacom, Safaricom, Sumitomo Corporation, the UK CDC, the low orbit satellite provider AST and 75 local partners to launch services in a high growth market of 118m people. The plan of the company is to gradually boost data coverage via a combo of terrestrial mobile and low orbit satellite networks, to create 1 to 1.5m jobs, and ultimately to lift dozens of millions of people economically. Philippe is expanding this partnership concept to other geographies.