Mark Germagian

CEO, Gateview Technologies

Mark has a 30-year product development background in power electronics, and a 16-year business development background in the data center industry. Mark founded Opengate, a data center air automation company in 2007 and grew revenues by over 100% annually for five-years. Opengate’s Unity Cooling System earned an Innovation Award from the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and won Best Facilities Product Award from the Uptime Institute.

Mark holds multiple U.S. and international patents for power and cooling systems and was the main inventor for In-Row Cooling. Mark also led the team that established APC’s first standard for taking product ideas and customer needs to the point of an innovative marketable solution.

Mark’s attention to detail and executive management of high-growth start-ups, experience leading technology research and implementation, and the ability to work closely in collaboration with customers, has allowed him to accelerate business growth in his past endeavors. Mark brings a clearly focused management style that promotes creative thinking and organized execution.