Brian Conroy

Group Technical Director, Moy Materials

Brian Conroy is Group Technical Director with MOY Roof waterproofing system specialists, one of the Europe’s leading suppliers of high performance flat roof waterproofing systems for the roofing industry. He has been involved in the manufacture and supply of industrial building envelope systems for 27 years. While Brian’s formative training is in Civil and Structural Engineering, he also holds honours degrees in both business and marketing. Brian holds a wealth of experience in building design and the practicalities of on-site delivery. 

Central to his role is in maintaining the highest technical quality standards and enhancing the Moy system packages to meet the continually changing regulatory and technical framework.

A key aspect is his expert knowledge of the construction regulations across territories and ensuring smooth project delivery within those regulations incorporating MOY FM Global  system delivery. 


National Certificate in Engineering (Civil).

National Diploma in Engineering (Civil). 


Bachelor of Business Hons. 

Graduate ship of the Marketing Institute. 

Post Graduate & Continuing Professional Development.

Post Graduate Professional Cert Level 9 in Near Zero Energy in Buildings (NZEB) – Technical University Dublin.

Post Graduate Professional Cert Level 9 in Hygrothermal Risk Analysis (WUFI) – Technical University Dublin.

WUFI Pro Training by Fraunhofer Institute. Hygrothermal Risk Analysis.

Construction Product Regulations Training – CMG Training

Engineering Regulations – CMG Training 

Building Control Amendment Regulations Training – CMG Training.

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