Data center power systems supplier Kohler, has launched its range of walk-in Power Optimized Design Solutions (PODS) in response to the increased market demand for high-power gensets, offering the highest standards of performance, reliability, robustness, safety, modularity, and competitiveness.

Crucially, their size allows for enough internal cooling power to accommodate Kohler’s KD Series generators, giving customers the power to utilize the most powerful generators on the market without compromising on installation and maintenance.

The walk-in PODS have generous spacing with a four meter width and height for the base module.

The enclosures offer optimal access to different elements of the diesel genset allowing personnel to perform all operations and maintenance tasks with ease.

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– Kohler

Single swing doors with locks and anti-panic bars facilitate daily access into the enclosure and a push-button located near the access doors controls the interior lighting system.

Adherence to noise standards was a critical design consideration, with 85 dB(A) sound reduction at 1m, with 75 and 65 dB(A) configurations also available.

Soundproofing panels are made of mineral wool with an M1-class fire rating covered by glass fibre and metal sheet.

Rain barrier grilles fitted with an anti-volatile barrier protect air inlets and outlets from harsh weather conditions, while a specialized primer coat and polyurethane finish enhance the durability of the enclosures.

Kohler will supply the walk-in PODS from its Brest facility in France, which recently committed to over $6 million of investment to enhance manufacturing capacity and optimize the logistics and transport for these larger enclosures.

“Our first walk-in PODS have been delivered to their new homes in Germany proving the success of the enclosures,” said Cédric Briand, product manager, industrial generators.

“The innovative, modular design enables mounted radiators on the generator base-frame even for the KD4500 model.

“Units are installed onto an external slab with all the options already previously connected and tested in factory, making for a quick and adaptable installation.

“Our walk-in PODS are inspired by our customers and we offer a wide range of options and specific adaptations to meet customer needs.”