It's easy to think that sustainable data centers are all about reducing carbon. In fact the earth faces a biodiversity crisis as big as the climate crisis. Data centers can have a role in fighting to prevent extinctions, and produce a lot of other benefits in the process.

When you build a data center, you have to see the unintended consequences, says Michelle Wallace of data center promotion group Host In Ireland. Build badly, and local species will suffer. But it's also easy to get it wrong, to put in measures that don't help.

Host in Ireland went to Ireland's National Biodiversity Data Centre, found how important pollinators are, and put together a set of actions to protect and promote them, DCs for Bees is now having influence beyond Ireland, and beyond the data center industry.

It's being followed up with a scheme to plant orchards - and there are more ideas beyond that.

This is the Zero Downtime episode which could make your data center into a haven for nature, and change your life for the better!