The Dallas Fort Worth data center market has grown steadily over the past five years, with demand often originating from companies with a large presence in the area. However, many companies outside the city are evaluating the DFW market and significant numbers find it appealing.

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Infomart’s iconic Dallas building  – Infomart

There is currently strong demand, and we expect a large cloud transaction to be completed in the DFW market in the next year or so. The market is able to handle both smaller and larger requirements.

Here is a brief summary of the Dallas market and some of its main players. For more details, visit datacenterHawk.

Dallas by numbers

  • Over the past twelve months, the Dallas Data Center Market has grown from 252MW to 275MW of commissioned power (Q4 2015 – Q3 2016), an estimated growth of approximately 6 MW of commissioned power per quarter. Demand in Dallas comes from technology, cloud, financial, insurance, healthcare, and other industries.
  • The market remains competitive. Quality operators are providing purpose-built, newly constructed facilities designed to accommodate needs for today and in the future. Providers are focused on providing additional connectivity, services, and easy access to cloud options for data center users.
  • There are currently 33MW of commissioned power available for lease in the market today. This is allocated over a number of colocation facilities (wholesale and retail) throughout the DFW market. Demand in Dallas is average to strong, and we believe a large cloud transaction will be completed in the market over the next few quarters.
  • There are currently 15MW of commissioned power under construction across the DFW market (powered shells are not considered in our under construction MW numbers). A number of new announcements have been made in Dallas regarding supply, but keep your eye on the “phased” approach implemented by data center operators today. This helps keep supply in balance.
dallas figures data center hawk
Dallas market figures  – datacenterHawk

Large providers in the area include the following:  

David Liggitt is president at information service datacenterHawk