Owning and managing your own data center is usually both expensive, requiring long investments and can also be bad for the climate. Many old data centers devour energy and were built during a time when sustainability was less of a priority.

More and more reports indicate that data centers already have a large impact on the climate and as the industry grows, this will only increase. This is because of the large amount of energy that the IT equipment inside these facilities consume; energy that rarely comes from green renewable electricity.

While new data centers are being built, many older counterparts are still in operation, which can often become expensive when components and infrastructure needs to be replaced and service interruptions become more frequent.

At Conapto we want to speed up the dismantling of expensive and environmentally damaging data centers through a sale-leaseback offer. A business model that can help companies with a green transition for their IT ‒ and save millions in cost reductions.

According to recent insights from Cushman & Wakefield you can save up to 50 percent over five years moving on-premise servers to colocation.

What is sale-leaseback?

For us at Conapto sale-leaseback means that we buy your current data center and take over the operation of the facility. You then rent the facility as a colocation solution for a set period until you at some point, with professional project management from us, move your IT into one of our modern and environmentally friendly data centers.

Renting instead of owning

With sale-leaseback you can shift from long investments in CAPEX to a flexible OPEX model, where you pay as you go instead of fixed long-term agreements and expensive lock-in.

Optimizing your use

In our experience, most companies that run their own data centers only use 50-60 percent of the capacity they pay for. With sale-leaseback you get a model where you only pay for what you use. You can make major cost savings while not having to think about long-term leases, contract times, infrastructure upgrades, service and maintenance.

Cut your electricity bill in half

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for older data centers to have poor efficiency on supply systems, by today’s measurements. Older facilities often have Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 2.0 or higher. By moving into an energy-efficient data center, you can in many cases cut your electricity consumption in half. Not only does that profit your economy, but you are also doing a great thing for the environment.

Meet customer demand

As IT becomes more and more business critical, customers demand solid shell protection, extended security, and increased redundancy. Here too, can it be difficult and expensive to keep up with the development on your own. With a move to colocation, you get a partner who can offer twin-site colocation with extreme redundancy, shell protection up to Swedish security class 3 and a perimeter protection built according to the deep defense principle, with high fences, camera monitoring, motion sensors and biometrics.

Industry competence

Finding it hard to recruit and retain competent staff who can manage your data center? You’re not alone, in fact, it’s very common among companies who run their own data center. There is a shortage of competence in the industry and that will not get better in years to come as the industry continues to grow. With a sale-leaseback solution you can safely pass on the responsibility to us as it is our core business to operate data centers.

Good for the environment

Gradually phasing out and eventually shutting down less sustainable data centers is good for the environment. With a sale-leaseback model, you can peacefully move your IT environment into a secure and sustainable data center.

If you partner with the right supplier, you can boost your sustainability strategy as well as utilize green actions fossil free and 100 percent renewable energy with 24/7 hourly matching, heat reuse to district heating, recycling, and reuse of hardware as well as very energy efficient facilities.

Project management

One of the biggest challenges when relocating a data center is the planning and implementation of the physical move from the old one to the new. Our sale-leaseback model includes experienced project management that allows you to be confident that we will take care of the entire process, from planning to execution and hand-over of the new deployment.

In other words, owning your own data center can become an expensive headache in the long run - something Conapto wants to change with a sale-leaseback business model, making it easier to transition to a greener operation while renting the data center as a service where you only pay for what you use. This is good for you, good for the environment and good for us as the operator. The perfect partnership!