Private cloud infrastructure company ZeroStack has partnered with channel providers T5 Data Centers and Colovore to host individual ZeroStack Z-Block Cloud Appliances for customers looking to reap the benefits of private cloud without hosting them on-premise.

ZeroStack claims to offer a level of simplicity that on-premises cloud infrastructure, OpenStack, and other software lack through a hyperconverged cloud appliance and integrated, web-based software that can be used like public cloud.

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From zero to hero

The Z-Block Cloud Appliances will be deployed in T5’s Los Angeles data center and in Colovore’s Santa Clara center.

“Colocation solves a lot of management headaches for many enterprises, but MSPs need a robust cloud platform that’s easy to integrate into their data centers,” said Sean Cardenas, vice president of sales at ZeroStack.

“ZeroStack’s Cloud Platform is the easiest path to hosted and private cloud for regional MSPs and hosting providers who want to offer those services.”

Craig McKesson, executive VP at T5 Data Centers added: “Our customers have been asking for hosted private cloud solutions that offer flexibility, ease of use and ability to scale as an alternative to the public cloud, but in a more economical and secure package.

“ZeroStack makes it easy for us to offer hosted self-serve private cloud services that match up with our customers’ business needs.”

– ZeroStack

Ben Coughlin, co-founder of Colovore, concurred, saying: “While the cost, performance and security advantages of private cloud deployments versus public clouds have become compelling, the physical migration can be challenging for customers.

“ZeroStack allows us to provide a private and hybrid cloud solution with a simple platform that’s easy to deploy and cost-effective to manage.”