Yahoo is doubling the size of its data center in Quincy, Washington, by adding another 300,000 sq ft (28,000 sq m).

The web firm has been in Quincy since 2007, and brought its distinctive “chicken coop” style of data center there in an expansion announced in 2010. The new expansion will add more of the same, is expected to open in summer 2016.

 A worthwhile fight

“Yahoo’s decision to expand their data center in Quincy will create additional good paying technology jobs in Eastern Washington, not just Seattle,” said Jim Hemberry, Mayor of the City of Quincy. “Our community fought for the tools to win the jobs created by new data centers. Yahoo’s decision proves the fight was worthwhile.”

The decision comes in part because of continuing tax incentives for data centers to locate in Washington State, according to Washington State Senate Majority Leader Mark Schoesler (Republican): “Yahoo’s announced expansion is exactly what our Senate majority had in mind when we led the drive to renew tax incentives for data centers. It is timely proof of how good tax policies can help our state compete for good jobs.”

Schoesler went on:  “Washington’s economic recovery has been more evident in the greater Seattle area, so I’m especially pleased that central Washington will reap the benefits of this major new investment. This is a reminder that when government is mindful of the needs of employers, our state can be a great place to do business.”

Earlier parts of the Yahoo data center complex in Quincy were built with help from DPR Construction, Fortis and Cupertino Electric, who provided the image above.