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Yahoo! is building a data center in Quincy, Washington ÔÇô its second in the area, according to a report on Data Center Knowledge.

Rumours had suggested Yahoo! could be using the site adjacent to its existing site in the area, and how the report says Yahoo!'s director of global data center operations Scott Noteboom has confirmed the site, which is already a hub of building activity, is in fact Yahoo!'s.

"We just broke ground and will be complete by end of May," Noteboom was quoted as saying in the report.

He said Yahoo! will follow its famous 'chicken coop' design, built with modules and modelled on a coop to enhance cooling for the its high-density workloads.

The modular build out will mean the new 'coop' construction can happen in a short period of time.

Quincy is an attractive location for data center operators, often lured by its tax incentives and hydroelectric power provision. A number of large data center players, including Microsoft, have set up operations in the state.

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