We hear from DCD’s Awards impressario, before things take a serious turn

This week, White Space has a special guest, as well as your usual run-down of the stories that caught our attention.

As awards manager at DatacenterDynamics, Paul Mangles organizes the best parties in the industry - London’s EMEA awards dinner in December, as well as similar events in New York and Singapore. But there is more to the awards than the party, he told us.

The awards recognize achievements in the industry, giving teams and individuals something to be proud of - but also giving the whole industry something to live up to. And this year, we have new categories, welcoming technologies and projects that are “open”, and data centers that give back to their communities. 

The details aren’t yet online, but if you want know more, keep watching our Awards page, or simply get in touch. 

Max joined us, to talk about RISC processors. ARM and OpenPower and shaping up for a fight, but the real purist’s processor, the MIPS chip is now available to academics for study. 

Peter spun a cautionary tale about arc flash - the explosive discharge caused by circuits shorting out. This can cause death in the data center - and industry figures are warning that the demand for avaialability is increasing the danger by pushing staff to work on live circuits. 

Finally, Bill looked at the movers and shakers in the industry. If you have IT kit to move, you need to be careful who you ask to do the job!