We talk about outages, Heartbleed and Ajit Pai

This week, we start with bad news: there are details on the recent SSP outage, with insurance brokers blaming Equinix, while in the US United Airlines was once again grounded due to an unidentified ‘IT issue’.

We also revisit Heartbleed, a critical vulnerability in OpenSSL that was discovered in 2014, but apparently hasn’t been patched on 200,000 machines – most of these are located in the US.

Sebastian has been looking at the state of the US Federal Communications Commission under new management – there are concerns that the new chairman, Ajit Pai, will undo much of the work on net neutrality accomplished by his predecessor Tom Wheeler.

Canadian ‘quantum computing’ vendor D-Wave has sold one of its latest ‘quantum computers’ to Temporal Defense Systems, a security firm that does a lot of work for the American government.

In the UK, we’ve seen a warning about global warming in a government-funded report that used data compiled by DCD, among other trustworthy sources. Here’s the good news – because of extreme weather, in the future people are more likely to work from home using data centers.

The city of Stockholm has earmarked four large plots of land for data center development, as part of the Stockholm Data Parks initiative. The package includes space and cheap power, opportunity to export waste heat into the district heating system, and to buy cooling as-a-service. Eventually, the city hopes to derive 10 percent of the heat it needs from data centers.