The editorial team talks about surveillance, taxes and presidents

This week on White Space, we start with news about a brand new data center campus in Newcastle, England, being built by a recent entrant to the market, Stellium.

Sebastian has a warning about the upcoming change in UK’s surveillance laws, that will require mobile network operators and Internet service providers to store massive amounts of data on their customers’ communications habits.

Max has just returned from Tokyo, where he learned a lot about 5G – it’s not coming for another four years, but it will require infrastructure based on cloud and commodity servers.

Microsoft is getting into qantum computing, but is exploring an approach that’s different from those tested by its competitors like Google and IBM.

Sweden has cut its tax on electricity for data centers by 97 percent, making power for server farms up to 40 percent cheaper.

IBM has expressed its desire to work with the Trump administration – making the news since most of the tech industry has been reluctant to welcome the president-elect.

Other news mentioned in brief include: