The editorial team talks about AI and edge computing

This week on White Space, we discuss some of the news from Supercomputing Conference 2016.

IBM has committed to making artificial intelligence more accessible, by integrating popular open source AI frameworks with its recently announced high-end server - the S822LC for High Performance Computing, also known as ‘Minsky’.

At the same event, Aquila revealed an unusual liquid-cooled micro data center, developed in partnership with TAS Energy of Houston, Texas.

Another edge product was recently announced by Austin-based startup Vapor IO. The Vapor Edge software can be used to manage small, remote data centers – even those not based on the Vapor Chamber.

LinkedIn has opened its flagship data center in Hillsboro, Oregon, which will serve as a template for all of the company’s infrastructure projects. At the same time the social network has been switched off in Russia, following a row with the local regulators.

Microsoft is buying a lot of wind power for its data centers in Cheyene – but more importantly, the company plans to plug its gensets into the grid, to be used by local power providers.

We finish with the news that Teraco has started construction of a 24MW data center in Kempton Park, South Africa.