There’s no space this time, but watch this space, on White Space

This week on White Space, we are puzzled by the fact that Jerry Hunter, vice president of infrastructure at Amazon Web Services, has traded his job for a position at Snap Inc. – the company responsible for Snapchat.

Node Pole, a data center development in the north of Sweden, has been acquired by two local power companies. Good news for people who can appreciate cheap renewable electricity.

There’s a new, more powerful version of Facebook’s Wedge – a top-of-the-rack switch designed in collaboration with Mellanox, and already deployed in the social network’s data centers.

Canadian quantum computing venture D-Wave has established a subsidiary that will sell its machines to the American public sector agencies, despite the fact that not everyone recognizes these as true quantum computers. For a bonus, Peter remembers what was possibly the first instance of a quantum computer being offered as-a-service.

We conclude with the news that Digital Realty will finally expand the massive carrier hotel on 350 East Cermak Road in Chicago – by building a 12-story data center across the road.