The editorial team looks at new connectivity tech and clever PDU marketing

This week on White Space, we analyze the long-rumored deal between VMware and AWS, which could hold clues to the future of the virtualization giant.

Oracle is facing resistance from its own shareholders over the potential acquisition of NetSuite, with a particular focus on the financial affairs of Larry Ellison and his family.

Windows Server 2016 is upon us, having reached General Availability last week. Scotland-based Brightsolid has become the first data center operator in the world to offer a production environment of the operating system that supports the new Shielded VMs, promising a more secure approach to virtualization.

Another British company, Kao Data, has received permission to build a data center campus in Kao Park – a site of historic significance for networking engineers, since it was where Sir Charles Kao first used fiber optic cable to transport data.

We’ve published research from the US that suggests hyperscale data centers do not deserve the lavish tax breaks bestowed on them by state and local governments – policy think tank Good Jobs First looked at 11 major data center projects, and found they received, on average, $2 million in tax breaks for every workplace they will potentially create.

Sebastian had a chat with lovely people from Equinix who are to helping build a network of satellites, designed to beam broadband down to Earth using high precision lasers. Test equipment is already being deployed.

We conclude with Eaton’s Iron Throne – if you haven’t seen it yet, you must.