The editorial team talks about reliability and highlights the dangers posed to hard drives by fire suppression systems

This week on White Space, we discuss the news that Facebook has chosen New Mexico over Utah for its latest data center – thus concludes an epic story full of twists and turns, guaranteed to become a major motion picture at some point in the future.

In Romania, a data center owned by ING was taken out by a “loud noise” and the accompanying shockwave coming from fire suppression systems, as they were being tested. We’ve seen this scenario before.

Fortis data center in Glasgow, built and managed by DataVita, has become the first facility in the UK to be Tier III certified for both Design Documents and Constructed Facility; we try to explain why.

We are also looking at the latest liquid cooling setup from Aquila. The company says it has managed to solve two issues that prevent wider adoption of liquid-cooled tech: reliability and upgradeability.

Active Power has launched a flywheel UPS that promises 60 seconds of runtime, achieved through clever engineering.

We conclude with a report suggesting that 68 percent of digital businesses are unprepared for the advent of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in 2018.