This week we look at unusual data centers, silicon photonics and Cisco job cuts

This week on White Space, we look at the new $177m Telehouse data center in London – it has 11 stories, looks like a circuit board and is set to become one of the ‘greenest’ in the world.

There’s more news on the competition between Utah and New Mexico, as Facebook decides where to build its next massive data center – and the story has developed further since we shot the video.

Specialist financial services group Close Brothers has managed to get rid of its legacy data center without paying anything – the closure was funded through recycling and repurposing old equipment.

The Linux Foundation has accepted a new open source project under its wing. Platform for Network Data Analytics, or PNDA for short, will attempt to analyze all of the information produced by your networking kit in order to optimize connectivity.

Cisco is cutting 5,500 jobs –a lot less than 13,000 jobs that it was predicted to cut, with CRN citing industry insiders just a few days prior to the announcement.

Intel says it has managed to deliver on the promise of silicon photonics – the holy grail of optical networking technology that integrates tiny lasers directly into silicon chips.