Editorial team at DCD talks about data center fires, cyber wars and network sabotage

This week on White Space, we discuss the latest cloud security report from the Ponemon Institute, and ask whether it is practical to back up government data in another country – something that Estonia plans to do because it feels threatened by Russian cyberwarfare units.

We also talk about the intriguing case of smoke without fire in a data center in Canada, and welcome a commitment by Salesforce to offer its customers services powered by renewable energy.

From the department of disproportionate response, comes a story of an engineer at a Citibank in Texas who was convinced he was going to be fired and wiped the configuration files across ten routers, immediately cutting network access across 110 of the bank’s North America branches. The culprit will have to spend 21 months in a federal prison.

And in conclusion, we look at the merits of technology proposed by a start-up called PayPerHost, which claims it has designed a fully automatic data center and says it’s got the patents to prove it.