We talk about Pokémon, Microsoft and the DatacenterDynamics Awards

This week on White Space, we discuss the phenomenal success of Pokémon GO and the server issues that marred the launch of the game.

We also have a special guest, Paul Mangles, who talks us through this year’s DatacenterDynamics Awards for EMEA, an industry event in its tenth glorious year.

Peter has a report about Rackspace and its 300 fully certified Spartans AWS engineers, with numbers suggesting a lack of demand for managed Google Cloud.

We also have the timetable on the upcoming launch of Microsoft’s Azure Stack, and the decision in a court case that saw the software company pitted against the government - New York law enforcement wanted access to emails stored in a data center in Dublin, something that now is unlikely to happen.

We comment on Digital Realty buying enough wind power to supply all of its data centers in the US, and the news that academics in Australia have managed to achieve considerable energy savings in a data center through clever operating system tweaks.