The DCD team talks about outages, artificial intelligence and the future of Hewlett Packard Enterprise

This week on White Space, we look at Zenium, the latest data center operator to arrive to Slough, a town that hosts more data centers than any other location in the UK.

We also look at the causes of the recent AWS outage in Australia – blamed on a combination of bad weather, buggy software and lack of circuit breakers.

Sebastian shares his experiences of HPE Discover conference in Las Vegas, where the company made announcements around Docker-ready servers, edge data centers, Helion cloud and the Machine – although we still have no idea what the Machine actually is.

At the event, HPE went as far as to challenge IBM’s Watson to an API duel. Meanwhile IBM plans to use this cognitive computing platform in call centers to measure the emotional state of the caller.

European data center operator Colt has announced a major expansion in Japan that stems from its 2014 acquisition of Asian player KVH.

We finish with some thoughts about AI – will it make the world a better place, or simply destroy customer service culture?