We talk about water use, renewables and that all-important deal between Digital Realty and Equinix

This week on White Space, we look back at the industry news with Zahl Limbuwala, co-founder and CEO at Romonet – the company which recently won an award from DatacenterDynamics for innovation in the data center industry.

Together, we discuss the possible implications of the deal between Equinix and Digital Realty, which will see eight European data centers change their owners.

Meanwhile, Equinix is not coming to Russia – the company simply got a reseller deal, which means local data center specialist Stack Group will now be able to offer access to Equinix infrastructure from Moscow. So there’s no need to ring up Equinix offices – and we apologize if the headline wasn’t as clear as it could have been.

Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have all signed up to be part of a Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance – something could have a considerable impact on the prices and politics of renewables, at least in the US.

And finally, we talk about the importance of water as a finite data center resource, and look at the latest news from ASHRAE, as it continues to fine-tune the problematic 90.4P standard on data center buildings.