We are all about the follow-through in the White Space studio

Be careful what you say. People will remember it. 

Four years ago, in its pomp, web games firm Zynga vowed to do better than Amazon Web Services, and run its own data centers. Now it’s given up on that, and will move all its IT back onto Amazon’s public cloud.

We would be sympathetic, if this wasn’t Zynga, the company responsible for the tedious reminders and invitations we get from our Facebook friends’ who are (still) addicted to Farmville and Mafia Wars. 

Meanwhile, Google is bit more positive about its move to the public cloud. It’s using public services for its in-house IT, and talking about how it will keep that secure. This being Google. we may never hear how well the project went.  

Storage giant EMC took a new direction last week, releasing its ViPR storage controller to open source. That’s the first time EMC has done that - and we are sure we’ll hear more. 

Meanwhile, Equinix turned on a dime. The US colocation giant said it was unfazed by the merger of two European players Telecity and Interxion. A couple of weeks later, it gatecrashed the deal, plonking down a $3.5 billion bid for Telecity.

Next week, we’ll find out how Max gets on in China.