Networking to China is evolving - and we also hear a shocking statistic about DDoS attacks

To do business in China, we need good network links and several things happened this week. We also heard a statistic which explains why you might be experiencing DDoS grief. 

There’s a new Silk Road being constructed. Chinese leader Xi Jinping wants a digital version of the ancient trade routes between China and Europe - and Chinese firms are making steps to deliver that. China got its first neutral Internet exchange point, and CITIC bought some networks in Europe.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong based Chayora moved ahead with its mission to provide European and US firms with friendly space in the country.

Meanwhile, it appears that buying an illegal DDoS attack for $40 per hour can cause $40,000 per hour in damage. We think thta a lot of these will be bought - but there’s a lot of effort going into combatting the attacks.

What else? A golf club in Ireland is worried Apple will flood it.