We talk about London, cabling, cooling and the foundations of the Internet

This week on White Space, the team looks at London and asks whether it will manage to maintain its status as a major data center hub. For this task we enlisted the help of Aditya Kishore from DCD Intelligence - a research arm of DatacenterDynamics.

The city suffers from problems that are common to popular data center locations, like high real estate prices and unreliable power, but seemingly attracts more skilled staff than other European capitals.

Max talks about his visit to the new headquarters of ProLabs, a manufacturer of ‘compatibles’ - that’s connectivity products that support hardware from all the different OEMs, sold considerably cheaper than branded kit.

We also look at Giga - a potential improvement on a core protocol of the Internet, if Akamai has its way.

Bill has found an impressive cooling system in a data center in Yaroslavl, 150 miles north of Moscow - and its builders say the data sovereignty law that recently came into force in Russia is indeed driving growth of the local data center market.

Meanwhile the Open Compute Project has taken new members on board - but these members need servers fit for virtualized cellular networks, not social networks.

We finish with the news about The People’s Cloud - a documentary on data centers due to be released in 2016.