Peter is investigating DevOps, Bill looks at security while Max is stuck on the infrastructure level

This week on White Space, Max is explaining the importance of the first helium-filled hard drive from Seagate, a company which previously questioned the use of inert gas in storage devices.

Bill is covering security of DCIM software and SCADA systems - apparently the rise of the number of connected devices means the ‘air gap’ meant to protect industrial computers no longer exists.

Peter has been following the news in the DevOps space, where Rackspace has poached a former Puppet Labs engineer and Unikernel Systems received money from Docker to continue developing unikernels. See the diagram.

In conclusion, we look at ARM chipsets in China and retirement plans for European IT staff – the outlook is grim, unless you are one of the employees of the Silicon Gorge in Wales who apparently make for very satisfied pensioners.