We discuss replicants, cyber security, data center predictions and extreme weather

This week on White Space, we look at some of the things that happened over the winter holiday.

In Ukraine, hackers have apparently managed to take down the power grid, leaving thousands of residents of Ivano-Frankovsk without power. Such an attack has been predicted for a while, but this doesn’t mean the industry knows how to deal with it.

There was flooding in the north of the UK which is killing IT infrastructure, including a facility owned by Vodafone which lost power on Boxing Day.

Meanwhile, a fresh batch of rumors has surfaced, suggesting that Verizon is indeed planning a huge data center sell-off.

And if you want to start the New Year in a clean data center, you’re doing it right - an industrial cleaning company has revealed that the demand for its emergency cleaning services is growing, since many facility managers are putting off cleaning until it’s too late.

We also have some information on a new training course by DC Professional Development, a branch of DatacenterDynamics.

We conclude with video footage of a real data center disaster. This will haunt your nightmares.