Volkswagen has resolved a major IT outage that forced the majority of its German factories to halt production.

Volkswagen Beetle
– Sebastian Moss

The automotive company said that its global production network was coming back up to speed, but some systems would take time.

"The IT infrastructure problems in the Volkswagen network were resolved during the course of the night and the network is stable again," Volkswagen said.

The company did not disclose the cause of the outage, but said that it was unlikely to be a cyber attack.

The outage impacted factories in Wolfsburg, Emden, Osnabrueck, Hanover, Dresden, and Zwickau, as well as component factories in Braunschweig, Kassel, Chemnitz, and Salzgitter.

When the outage began at 12:30 local time on Wednesday, the company said that there was an "IT malfunction of network components" at its Wolfsburg global headquarters.

Subsidiary brands Porsche and Audi were also affected.