Cloudflare is recovering from a partial outage caused by a power failure at its core North American data center.

The Content Delivery Network (CDN), security, and Edge computing company said that the outage only impacted changes to services, but the core products were able to function. The Dashboard and API were rendered inaccessible with the outage.

– Cloudflare

Impacted services include "Magic Transit, Argo Smart Routing, Workers KV, WAF, Rate Limiting, Rules, WARP / Zero Trust Registration, Waiting Room, Load Balancing and Healthchecks, Cloudflare Pages, Zero Trust Gateway, DNS Authoritative and Secondary, Cloudflare Tunnel, Workers KV namespace operations, Magic WAN, and Cloudflare Images."

The company did not disclose the cause of the power failure at the data center, but said that it "failed over some core services to a backup data center, which partially remediated impact."

The issues come just days after all of Cloudflare's services went down for 37 minutes following a failed update to its globally distributed key-value store, Workers KV.