Virtus Data Centers will open its fourth London facility in Slough next year.

Featuring 3,000 sq m (32,292 sq ft) of white space, the data center will bring Virtus’ London capacity to over 50MW.

Virtus London2 data center
Virtus’ London2 data center – Virtus

London3, its fourth data center

“Our data centers are where the cloud lives in London, so they are in high demand from service providers and users wanting to better interconnect their applications and data across public and private clouds, and get closer to their consumers,” Neil Cresswell, Virtus CEO, said.

Bruno Lopez, CEO of ST Telemedia Global Data Centres - which owns half of Virtus - added: “London3 confirms Virtus to be one of the largest hybrid colocation providers in the London metro area delivering high quality, flexible, scalable and highly efficient colocation facilities at the lowest total cost of ownership.”

Despite being its fourth facility, the data center is actually called London3 as Virtus spent some of the money from its STT GDC acquisition on Infinity’s Slough data center in December 2015. With London3 in the planning stages, that facility was named London4.

London3 will be located next to London4, and both buildings will be linked and share facilities. Built in two phases, the first phase of London3 will open in Summer 2018.

Infinity, meanwhile, has since sold another of its data centers -  its Stockley Park site to Zenium - ostensibly to fund its delayed Here East facility, built in part of the former Olympic Park in Stratford, London. It remains unclear when the data center will open.