Vietnam’s state-owned mobile network operator Viettel Telecom is teaming up with an international coalition of network operators, the Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance (ngena).

By joining the group, Viettel is effectively pooling its network resources with the other members to provide managed SD-WAN services to its enterprise customers across Southeast Asia - using virtualization software from Viptela (a Cisco subsidiary) and Comarch and Equinix infrastructure. The software-defined network is managed via a single central platform.

VPNs all round

– Diane Selwyn/Wikimedia Commons

Established by Deutsche Telekom, CenturyLink, SK Telecom and Reliance Jio in 2016, the alliance now comprises 18 operators, including Telus, SFR, Portugal Telecom, KPN, MTN and more.

Thanks to Viettel’s membership, ngena’s coverage will be extended to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, according to its managing director Alessandro Adriani.

He welcomed the company to the group, stating that “Viettel is amongst the top 100 most valuable telecom brands in the world and will be the operator of choice for many enterprise customers.”

Meanwhile, Viettel’s international business center director Doan Dai Phong said the company is “thrilled to join the ngena alliance as it allows us to sell global VPN solutions to our enterprise customers.”

He continued: “ngena has been our SD-WAN provider of choice as it enables us to provide globally, consistent services while maintaining full control over the customer experience. There is also a great potential for other ngena alliance partners to offer data connectivity services in the local markets Viettel operates in, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.”

Viettel Telecom is a subsidiary of Vietnam’s largest telecommunications provider, Viettel Group. The parent company owns and operates infrastructure in 12 countries, spanning Asia, Africa and North America.