Vertiv has unveiled its NetSure IPE outdoor rectifier, as the company aims to facilitate a faster 5G rollout in difficult-to-reach areas.

Its NetSure IPE R48-2000C2 is now available globally, confirmed the digital infrastructure provider.

Vertiv R48-2000C2
– Vertiv

Rectifiers convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC), allowing a current to flow through the device in one direction only. The devices can power the radios needed to increase capacity and expand 5G networks.

According to Vertiv, this outdoor rectifier supports telecommunications infrastructure in mobile networks, which is ideal for use in network Edge applications including 5G small cells, RAN, and distributed telecommunications networks.

It's also designed with locations with high data demand in mind, such as sporting arenas, stadiums, public transport systems, airports, shopping, and educational centers.

Vertiv says the product is easy to deploy, can be installed in outdoor environments, and is available with lithium-ion battery backup which helps to minimize power losses while feeding radios on top of towers and rooftops.

Vertiv notes that if the grid fails, depending on load and battery capacity, the lithium-ion batteries can keep the network running for an hour or longer. Despite operating at higher temperatures they can charge faster than lead-acid alternatives.

“The increase of data traffic at cell sites and other high-demand applications at the network Edge has accelerated the need for a reliable, compact, and efficient outdoor power solution. Vertiv NetSure IPE provides an elegant DC power system that meets the challenges of these critical sites,” said Henrik Nilen, global director of DC power offerings for Vertiv.

Earlier this month, Vertiv launched a new chilled water wall, designed to work with newer slab floor data centers.

The CWA was launched in EMEA, and is designed to improve the performance of chilled water cooling in data centers following the modern trend, built without raised floors. The CWA chilled-water thermal wall cooling unit was designed in the US and is available in 250kW, 350kW, and 500kW capacities.

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