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Verne Global, which uses a Colt Modular Data Center inside its data center shell to house infrastructure, announced GreenQloud, a provider of monitored cloud services, online gaming company CCP and local systems integrator Opin Kerfi as its first customers at its Keflavik, Iceland campus.

CCP Games (CCP), is a $65m company which started in 1997 and is the creator of EVE Online, an online game with 400,000 users is moving some of its corporate hosting to its data centre campus in Iceland.

“Being able to select a green data center for our corporate hosting needs is a key benefit to CCP Games,” said Ingvar Bjarnason, CCP’s IT Director. “However, the primary reasons for selecting Verne Global above all other alternative sites were the availability and predictability of power and the option of securing long-term price guarantees at attractive price levels.”

GreenQloud, established in 2010, offers hosting and storage for the European and North American markets and can act a single hub for both markets.

“GreenQloud’s mission is to promote and sell easy to use, competitively priced, carbon neutral, cloud computing services to SMBs, SaaS providers, PaaS providers, enterprises, the public sector and high performance computing users,” said Eirikur Hrafnsson, co-founder and CEO of GreenQloud. “We will also let our customers see their live energy metrics and carbon savings so they can report these results as part of their own sustainability programmes.”

GreenQloud is targeting deeper integration high performance computing (HPC) services to the academic and scientific communities and are working with university networks to deliver on that promise.

Opin Kerfi has been a key part of the IT industry in Iceland and currently has over 115 trained IT professionals on staff and revenues of $40 million.

“Verne Global is scaling its colocation and wholesale data centre campus to meet the tremendous demand from both Western Europe and North America as more companies look to benefit from its state-of-the-art facilities to power their data centre programmes,” said Gunnar Guðjónsson, CEO of Opin Kerfi.

The campus is 100% powered by geothermal and hydro power. The 500 sq mt Colt modular data center was delivered in October 2011. 

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