Exascale has suffered a loss of high capacity link between Telford and Wolverhampton, UK, after vandals cut a number of cables.

The UK ISP is currently working to restore services.

– Thomas Bibb - LinkedIn

"Yesterday evening Exascale had the unfortunate experience of vandalism on one of our core high-capacity links into Telford from Wolverhampton. We have lost a large number of high bandwidth optical wavelengths," said Exascale CEO Thomas Bibb, in a LinkedIn post this morning.

"The Exascale team and our layer 1 provider have been working through the night to resolve. We apologize for any inconvenience caused."

In a series of updates, the company said its engineers have been working to restore services since around 5:30 am.

The company said that vandals cut several fiber cables on the entry into its Wolverhampton point of presence.

Exascale revealed it's had to get third-party contractors to pull new cables as part of its efforts to fix the issue. Efforts to fix the issue had been delayed due to further damage upon inspection of the site.

"We've been advised there are two remaining splices and service should be restored and we will receive the all clear," the company said in its most recent update at 2.27pm.