Scotland’s Stirling University has put out a tender for a new data center to support its environmental projects.

The tender for the new "SIEC Data Centre’’ is valued at up to £2 million ($2.4m) and is due to run for ten years to July 2032. According to the tender, the university is looking for a contractor with experience in “providing cloud-based data center services and advanced high power computing.”

SIEC is Scotland's International Environment Centre; a £17 million ($20m) environmental project funded by the Scottish and UK governments aiming to create new products and services to aid the transition to a net zero economy.

The facility appears to be part of the university’s Forth Environmental Resilience Array (Forth-ERA) project which aims to create a ‘creating a regional living laboratory across the Forth Valley.’

The project will create a monitoring system utilizing digital fabric solutions, sensor technologies, satellite data, and artificial intelligence to provide information on water quality and quantity, alongside a wide range of environmental monitoring data sets and aid Scotland's net-zero carbon goals.

A 2018 case study from Schneider said the university consolidated from three data centers on its campus to two – totaling almost 600 servers – after moving some workloads to the cloud.

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