Shortform social media website Twitter was hit by a small outage late Thursday night/early Friday morning.

The exact cause of the outage is not yet known. Users of Counter-Strike, Roblox, Trello, Reddit, GTA V, and Twitch also reported issues, but it is not known if they are related.

– Twitter

"Twitter may not have been working as expected for some of you over the past few hours," Twitter said about Twitter on Twitter. "We've fixed a technical bug that was affecting how Tweets get routed to our backend systems –– things should be back to normal now. Sorry for the interruption!"

Twitter's comment makes it appear to be an internal technical issue, rather than with a data center or cloud provider. However, the company shifted almost completely to Amazon Web Services in December 2020.

AWS is also known to be the cloud provider for Twitch, Trello, and Roblox. The company's status page did not list any issues, and other AWS users do not appear to have been affected.

That is different from December - where AWS went down in three separate outages that took much of the Internet offline.

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