Staff at contract chipmaker TSMC were made to temporarily live at its Shanghai factory during Covid-19 lockdowns.

Production at the 8-inch factory in Songjiang, Shanghai continued uninterrupted.

TSMC Fab 5
– Wikimedia Commons/Peellden

TSMC employees lived, slept, and ate at the fab for at least four days, according to Hsinchu Report.

Around 300-400 employees could only come in but not go out, the publication reports. We have contacted TSMC for clarity on whether employees had the opportunity to leave if they wished, and whether they are still living at the fab.

After weeks of partial lockdowns, Shanghai told the eastern half of the city to stay at home, with the western half due to enter a lockdown on Friday.

Mass testing is being carried out as Covid cases in the Chinese city hit the highest levels since the pandemic began. Factories across China have opted to ask workers to eat, sleep, and work in isolated bubbles at, or near, the facilities.

Last month, Taiwan’s United Microelectronics Corporation's wafer fab subsidiary in Suzhou temporarily suspended production over a suspected COVID-19 infection. This month Foxconn and Unimicron suspended operations in Shenzhen.

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