Diverse data centers on three continents have won recognition from CEEDA (the Certified Energy Efficient Datacenter awards) for having highly efficient data centers. 

The three companies, Tata Communications, Eumetsat and Cemex are based in India, Germany and Mexico, but all have been matched against a global standard for efficiency, through an impartial assessment process. The cluster of certifications shows CEEDA can be applied across diverse organizations, the program’s leaders commented.  

eumetsat meteosat model
Eumetsat Meteosat model – Wikimedia

Rocket science

The European organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (Eumetsat) is an intergovernmental body with 30 members states, which co-ordinates meteorological satellites and delivers their data to end users.

Eumetsat’s data center is in a purpose-built building at the organization’s headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. Thanks to the cool climate the data center can use efficient cooling technology; the adjacent premises also make use of the data center’s waste heat, minimizing its total energy usage.

Tata Communications headquarters in Mumbai
Tata Communications headquarters in Mumbai – Tata Comms

India calling

Tata Communications is a global telecoms company headquartered in India. Its BKC data center in Mumbai, is the first collocation facility in Asia to be awarded the CEEDA Colo Gold Level Certification and only the third in the world to attain this level. 

More than 24 percent of the world’s internet runs over Tata’s networks and it has built a strong presence in India’s challenging colocation sector. Together with facilities abroad, it has more than a million square feet of colocation space in 44 locations round the world. 

Rumors have suggested that Tata is planning to sell its data centers, but its decision to put one through the CEEDA Gold certification process suggests it intends to keep and develop the business. However, even if the rumors are true, a Gold Certification could well enhance their value for potential owners such as Singapore’s STT.

“We are extremely honored and proud to be the first colocation data center in Asia to receive a CEEDA Colo Gold Level Certification” said Rangu Salgame, CEO of the service provider group at Tata Communications. ”Our BKC data centre in Mumbai is a fully secure facility offering domestic and international colocation and data center value-added services, with energy efficiency and resilient infrastructure “This certification is a testament to our commitment to lead and achieve energy efficiency in our data centers and in our business.”

cemex bridge ad lead
– Cemex / BBDO

Concrete achievement

Mexican cement supplier Cemex is the second largest building materials company in the world. Its global data center in Monterrey is the first CEEDA Enterprise Gold certified facility in the Americas and the fifth one in the world to attain Gold Level Enterprise certification.

“We are very honored to receive this certification, which recognises and reinforces our company’s commitment to sustainability,” said Roberto Chaverri, Cemex vice president of IT. “At Cemex, we perpetuate a philosophy of continuous improvement that is reflected in all of our business processes and operations.”

The man responsible for the global rollout of CEEDA, Nick Morris, head of strategy and product at DatacenterDynamics’ performance division praised the Gold winners: “I am delighted that three such diverse organisations have been able to benefit from joining the CEEDA program” he said. ”It is a strong, practical, demonstration of the utility CEEDA in mapping, maintaining and improving performance against the constantly changing demands placed on the data center.”

CEEDA is a global assessment and certification program for best practices in data center energy efficiency. Its framework includes specifications drawn from  ASHRAE, Energy Star, ETSI, EUCoC (the EU code of conduct) and The Green Grid. Gold, silver and bronze certificates are awarded, and are valid for two years, coming with a gap analysis to help participants continue to improve. The CEEDA program is run by DatacenterDynamics and ratified by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.

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