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T-Systems has landed a major deal at Airbus. Europe's largest aircraft manufacturer is awarding two international contracts to the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, with a total value in the middle two-digit million Euro range.
T-Systems will continue to run Airbus's mainframes until 2012. In future, the EADS subsidiary will benefit from a volume-based pricing model. The more computing power the aircraft manufacturer uses, the lower the unit cost for this capacity.
At the same time, the two companies have also agreed to move mainframe computers from Toulouse to Munich. Until now, Airbus's backup datacenter, required only in the case of a disaster, has been located in the immediate vicinity of the main computer system on the company premises in Toulouse. In Munich, the main computers and the backup system will be situated further apart for security reasons.
The move to the Munich has already begun, and should be complete by spring 2008. In future, T-Systems will provide Airbus with computer services for running applications in France, Germany and Britain centrally from the Munich base.