Las Vegas-based data center operator Switch has announced a pre-fabricated data center design for large and small facilities, based on its own distinctive, giant data centers, and using proprietary Switch technology. 

The Modularly Optimized Design (MOD) line of data centers is available in 100 ft wide and 250 ft wide versions that can be built for customers in different environments around the world. The designs are based on patents held by founder and CEO of Switch, Rob Roy, and 80 percent of the components are manufactured by Switch itself, according to the release. 

Hyperscale or edge

The hyperscale version, MOD 250, is built to the same specification as Switch’s existing Las Vegas Supernap data centers, with scalable power, space and cooling for massive hyperscale deployments by individual clients.

The edge version - MOD 100 - can be rapidly shipped and built in multiple locations, customized to fit most premises, on a piece of land as small as 400 ft by 400ft, including urban environments. Switch built an MOD 100 on its own campus in just six months.

Both are built to “Tier 5,” Switch’s own proprietary specification for data center reliability. Switch has claimed that Tier 5 includes features beyond the industry standard for reliability, Tier IV from the Uptime Institute, including a requirement for two storm-proof roofs without any piercings, and the use of 100 percent renewable energy. 

Despite being Tier 5, Switch promises the designs can be built at costs comparable to Uptime-rated Tier II and Tier III facilities made by other operators.

As Switch moves to market a service of selling and building data centers for third parties, there are signs it will start to defend its patents, which it says cover many widely used data center power and cooling technologies: “Today many companies copy [Switch] designs in their data centers and while Switch is flattered we are also ramping up our IP legal team to address those that are infringing on our patents,” warned Switch vice president of policy and deputy general counsel Sam Castor.

Switch’s customers include Amazon Web Services, eBay, Marvel, Shutterfly, Fox, Amgen, Lionsgate, Zappos, Intuit, DreamWorks, Intel, MGM, HP, PayPal, Hulu, Machine Zone, Boeing, Warner Brothers, NASA and Verizon.