Edge computing firm StackPath is closing the business and liquidating its assets.

“After careful consideration, it has been decided to close all StackPath products and liquidate all assets for the benefit of our creditors,” the company told customers in an email sent out late last week. “Effective immediately, we will begin the decommissioning of all StackPath services.”

StackPath is shutting down – StackPath

Multiple former StackPath employees have confirmed the company’s closure on LinkedIn.

StackPath services set to be shuttered include Edge compute, DNS, object storage, network transit, data center colocation, and server monitoring. The company is no longer offering technical support.

“We understand the importance of these services to your operations and urge you to take immediate action to transition your services and copy all data off of our platform,” StackPath said. “We deeply appreciate your business and regret any inconvenience this closure may cause. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this transition.”

StackPath did say that for customers who have storage with Wasabi Cloud object storage product, Wasabi is prepared to move accounts from StackPath managed to a direct account or assist in moving to another reseller/partner.

Customer invoicing was stopped on June 12, but the company requested customers pay any outstanding invoices.

StackPath was founded in 2015 by SoftLayer founder Lance Crosby. It launched after merging technologies from multiple acquisitions into a single platform; its first product was SecureCDN, a CDN with built-in Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS protection. The company has raised just under $400 million across two funding rounds according to Crunchbase. Investors include Juniper Networks, Cox Communications, and ABRY Partners.

Prior to shutting down, the company said it operated 73 Edge locations across 43 metro markets. It launched a Paris Edge location in April 2024.

Last August StackPath quit the Content Delivery Network (CDN) business, with Akamai acquiring around 100 CDN customers from the company.

Mark de Jong, chairman of the CDN Alliance, said the closure was the “end of an era.”

“From Highwinds (CDN and IP-Transit) and MaxCDN (CDN), which they once acquired (and a few others), it is clear they were not able to find the right unique spot in the industry. Not even with their focus on Edge and Security,” he said. “But just like with Lumen's CDN business being ceased, this is just part of the shake-up (or shake-out, depending on how you see it) of the CDN Industry.”