Data management and storage solutions company Spectra Logic has added Spectra Cube, a cloud-optimized tape library, to its portfolio of enterprise tape storage solutions.

Specifically designed for cloud deployments, management of the system is provided by the company’s new LumOS library management software.

Spectra Cube Library
Spectra Cube Library – Spectra Logic

Spectra said its new Cube tape library offers up to 30PB of native capacity, with a maximum compressed capacity of 75PB. Additionally, up to 16 full-height or 30 half-height LTO (Linear Tape-Open) tape drives can be combined to deliver a maximum native throughput of 32TB per hour.

It has a maximum of 1,670 slots, is 79.4 inches tall, and weighs 1,028 lbs.

Cube currently supports LTO-6, LTO-7, LTO-8, and LTO-9 technology generations and it can support future LTO technology generations as they become available.

Spectra said that for shared or multi-tenant environments, the library supports up to 16 partitions.

Spectra also claims that the environmental costs for power and cooling offered by Cube are substantially lower than object-based disk or flash systems, providing a highly efficient storage density of more than 2.5PB of data capacity per square foot of floor space.

The Spectra Cube library also fully supports modern backup and archive applications by integrating with the company’s BlackPearl file and object storage systems, and Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier API access is fully supported.

“As cloud data continues to grow rapidly, the escalating costs of public cloud storage have forced a reckoning, leading to significant interest in moving data to more economical locations including on-prem clouds and hybrid clouds,” said Matt Ninesling, senior director of tape portfolio management at Spectra Logic. “Compared to typical public cloud options, Spectra Cube solutions can cut the costs of cold storage by half or more, while providing better data control and protection from existential threats like ransomware.”