Telecom Italia’s service arm has received Uptime Institute’s Tier III design documents certification for its planned Metammorfosis-2 data center.

Sparkle offers cloud, connectivity and colocation services globally. It has three of its own data centers in Greece: in Koropi, Metamorphosis, and on the Island of Crete. The comapny also operates a data center in Sicily, a 2,000 sq ft facility near where the Internet exchange DE-CIX Palermo was built two years ago, and another one in Turkey. And although it doesn’t have its own facilities in the United States, it does offer colo services from Equinix’s NAP of the Americas.

It had better Sparkle

Uptime’s design documents certification consists of a review of the mechanical, electrical, structural and site elements of a data center to verify whether they are in line with a company’s desired Tier rating. It is usually followed by constructed facility certification, which verifies that a facility has been constructed as it was designed, and finally the operations certification, the standard to gauge a data center’s reliability and performance levels.

The 5,900 sq m (53,600 sq ft) facility will be built adjacently to the company’s existing data center on site, with a planned PUE of 1.2. Before construction begins, the company is awaiting its ‘green building’ LEED certification, which it says it should receive later this month.